Interactive card

1.5 year ago…yeah, exactly 1.5 year ago I made my first interactive card and it had exactly the same construction. 

Of course, I pumped😄my skill 💪🏻 of interactives, however I’ve wanted to repeat this construction adding some story to complete it. 

Then I had only flowers and I couldn’t add nothing more on card, but now I have a lot of things, but I always choose space (that’s my favorite theme and when I feel lack of inspiration I start to draw space and almost every time it helps, but this time it needed about a month to compile it😄). 

The most amazing that this construction still on the first place in the poll, though I believe it very simple. 

OK, I need to gather strength and invent something like this 👆🏻 but with three spinning frames and mermaids, for example🙈 

And also I couldn’t finish the video to this card, so you’ll see it only tomorrow. 

Thank you for attention. Natalia

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